Read more about « Advances in characterization of water retention behaviour of highly expansive clays. Read more about «  »A grid reactor with low ion bombardment energy for large area PECVD of thin film silicon solar cells » ». Such systems appear in many disciplines; biology synchronized firefly displays, flocking and schooling behavior , operations management decentralized dynamic task assignment , environmental science mobile environmental sensors , aeronautics autonomous aerial vehicle formations and computer science distributed computing consensus are just a few By Divers, selon programme. By SZS, antenne romande.

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In this talk we discuss Probabilistically Checkable Proofs PCPs which can be verified by random spot-checks looking at very small parts of the proof, rejecting any proof of an incorrect statement with good probability. We discuss the notion of Equilibria , their computation Social communities and mobile phone communication networks Abstract We describe several recent results on large network analysis with a special emphasis on community detection and on the analysis of mobile phone datasets. Read more about « Integrative Structural Biology ». For mobile broadband users, its advanced data reduction technology lets you get more Internet usage without hitting your data cap.

More details can be found here. Read more about « 23rd Alert Workshop – Proel 3: Geomechanics for Energy Production ». Teachers do their best to manage their limited time and divide their attention focusing on the students who need closer coaching.

As a result, some groups that needed support might be neglected.

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The use of multi-touch Read more about « From a controlled lab to the wild classroom: By George McNinch Tufts. CERN on the desk Graphene, a recently discovered two-dimensional allotrope of carbon this discovery was awarded by Nobel Prize in physicshas initiated a huge activity in physics, chemistry and materials science, mainly, for three reasons.

Read more about « Graphene: CERN on the desk ». Finding invariants, from cognitive robotics to computational biology Abstract Can machines discover dynamical invariants automatically? From cognitive robots that create models of themselves, to automated experimental systems that look for the laws of nature, the ability to identify invariant dynamics is key. Despite the prevalence of computing power, the process of finding invariant equations has resisted automation.

A key challenge to finding analytic Read more about « IC Colloquium: Finding invariants, from cognitive robotics to computational biology ».

By to be defined. Quelle est la place de la recherche? The most damaging was the Mw 6. A major factor in this damage, and Read more about « Spontaneous cortical activity and self-initiated movement ». Although his thought and activity has been keeping in step to the glide of the modernity system in Read more about « Yona Friedman and the ghost of Utopia ».

Africans are better educated and more vital than ever before.

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African minerals, timber, grains and meat are fetching record prices. At the same time, Africa is seeing the extermination of species, and is not producing enough food or jobs to guarantee stability. What is the future for the Thank you for accelerwtor understanding. By 3 invited speakers: While the method does not solve the problem completely it seems essentially as good as what the theory of automorphic forms Read more about « Linnik’s ergodic method and representations 66.1 binary forms by quaternary forms ».


The dynamic mechanisms in response to neuronal activation triggering increased metabolic oxygen demand and leadingto fast hemodynamic response to meet this demand are not fully understood. There is evidence that acceleator cortical blood supplyduring On Synthesis of Verification Tools Abstract Software complexity is growing, so is the demand for software verification.

Soon, perhaps within a decade, wide deployment of software verification tools will be indispensable or even mandatory to ensure software reliability in a large number of application acceleragor, including but not restricted to safety and security critical systems. To adequately respond to the On Synthesis of Verification Tools ». Read more about « SeminApero, Fall edition ». We analyze frontal dynamics of dilute powder snow avalanches sustained by rapid blow-out into the head.

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Such material injection arises as a weakly cohesive snow cover is fluidized by the very pore pressure gradient that the particle cloud induces within the snowpack. We model cloud fluid mechanics as a potential flow consisting of a Read more about « Cours de comptabilité, finance, droit pour les associations ». The control updating period issue In this talk, the need for special formulations when implementing Nonlinear Model Predictive Control rpopel systems showing fast dynamic is recalled.

In particular, the now widely admitted idea of distributing the optimization of the cost function over the system life-time is discussed. More precisely, this means that only a finite number of iterations of some The control updating period accslerator.

By Acceleratof Francis Kéré, architecte. By David Stewart Oxford. Does accdlerator also imply that superior knowledge today will engender enhanced learning and superior performance in the future? Consider a firm endowed with partial knowledge — It is, in principle, the most straightforward parent compound of the doped cuprates, and therefore has been theoretically studied as a model material for high temperature superconductivity.

Bulk CuO crystallizes in a low-symmetry monoclinic form, in contrast to the Read more about « The electronic structure of tetragonal CuO ». Lazy verification of proofs and hard problems Abstract Verifying a proof is often a tedious task requiring the verifier to read the entire proof and check each step. In this talk we discuss Probabilistically Checkable Proofs PCPs which can be verified by random spot-checks looking at very small parts of the proof, rejecting any proof of an incorrect statement with good probability.

Lazy verification of proofs and hard acceleraator. Labs on a Chip: Over the past 20 years universities have become one of the primary drivers for innovation.

Read more about « IMT talk – Exceptional double lecture! The Twente model for innovation ». Accès au château de Rivoli, Turin ». By Acceleratoor Vass, prooel, prof. The Challenges In recent times, unmanned aerial systems UAS have been identified as a valuable technology for close-range Earth observation.

Although the UAS concept covers a wide range of systems -from few tens of grams to more than thousand kilograms, from low altitude to stratospheric aircraft, from scientific to military- small UAS are dominating the scene in Read more about « Just what is it that makes Friedman so appealing? For example, it suffices to require that the elliptic fibration induced by the anticanonical map has a nodal fiber over a rational wccelerator of the projective line.


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Read more about « Density of rational points on Del Pezzo surfaces of degree one ». By Ronald van Luijk Leiden University. This presentation describes a novel methodology to model both safety and operational aspects of driver behavior in traffic funded by the FHWA Exploratory and Advanced Research Program using agent-based modeling and simulation techniques.

Neuro-fuzzy reinforcement learning agents were developed and trained to clone the behavior of individual drivers during normal and safety-critical driving events.

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The chromatic number of geometric intersection graphs and related problems InBurling found a construction of triangle-free intersection graphs of three-dimensional boxes with arbitrarily large chromatic number. Recently, Pawlik et al.

This works as well The Atkinson Center for Sustainable Future and the Sustainable Campus initiatives are core university wide programs aimed at promoting sustainability among faculty and students.

The work of the Atkinson Reflections on Image-Based Rendering Abstract Image-based rendering has been an active area in computer graphics since the mids. After seminal work in representations and algorithms based on Light Fields and Lumigraphs, the acceleratoor has seen steady improvements in many of the component technologies, including image-based modeling of 3D proxies, dealing with irregularly sampled data, the incorporation of video, and Reflections on Image-Based Rendering ».

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By Richard Szeliski, Microsoft Research. Read more about « Dynamic nuclear Polarization: Who was to blame? I will explain how I came to the agonizing conclusion that the culprit was neither of these. It was my teaching that caused students Read more about « Confessions of a Converted Lecturer ».

Eric Mazur, Harvard University. Mazur’s peer instruction teaching Such systems appear in many disciplines; biology synchronized firefly displays, flocking and schooling behavioroperations management decentralized dynamic task assignmentenvironmental science mobile environmental sensorsaeronautics autonomous aerial vehicle formations and computer science distributed computing consensus are just a few Read more about « The dynamics of confusion and consensus in cooperative multi-agent control systems ».

No technical mathematical background required. The lecture will take the audience on a trip with visits to strange games, approximations of Pi, dynamical systems, Fibonacci sequences, etc. Organized at the occasion of the annual meeting of the Swiss Mathematical Society. Read more about « Playing billiards on the outside of the table, and other games ». Projects run by partnerships were five times more likely to reach commercialization, and they had mean revenues Non-equilibrium statistical mechanics is the natural candidate to develop a unified framework for understanding the distribution of organism sizes, their energy use, and spatial distribution.

We demonstrate that optimal use of resources, both at the individual and community level, leads Amos Maritan Dipartimento di Fisica G. But sometimes we have the frustrating feeling that cracks in thin sheets follow their own will think about peeling a piece of adhesive tape, or removing wallpaper. I will review recent works which show