Uses of social media marketing is increasing at a rapid pace. The Social Media Marketing is a marketing strategy that leverages the advantages and characteristics of social media to create value for a brand. It is also best to build and strengthen brand reputation and to manage relationships with customers or potential.

Unlike traditional mass media in which the roles of emitter and recipient of the message were well defined and constantly unchangeable. Social Media are the places where everyone has the right. And the possibility and the opportunity to express themselves, to have their say, to participate, to ask questions, to provide answers, to criticize, to show trust, affection and respect.

And this is precisely the reason why Social Media are also known with the expressions user-generated content (UGC), And consumer-generated media (CGM), to indicate that on Social Media. It is no longer always and only brands that generate content but also the customers themselves. Communication becomes a two-way flow to be monitored and fertilized with strategy and awareness.

Social Media Marketing is characterized precisely by its purpose, namely to activate two-way communications, to interact with (potential) customers and to establish a dialogue with them that leads to daily and lasting relationships. I repeat, daily and lasting.

Do you know what all this implies? That Social Media Marketing needs:

  • Market, target and brand study;
  • Strategy and guidelines to follow;
  • A clear message and a distinctive communication tone;
  • Adequate skills and professionalism;
  • Monitoring and care;
  • Analysis of the results;
  • Continuous redefinition of the strategy.

Uses of Social Media Marketing

Having clarified what Social Media Marketing is, let’s analyze now what you need. What can it do for you? What advantages does it guarantee for brands, personal or corporate site like who providing Dual License? And what opportunities?

1. Social Media Marketing helps build and manage Brand Reputation

The ability to tell you naturally , to demonstrate directly what you can do, behind the scenes and daily activities, combined with the opportunity to dialogue and speak directly to your customers and potential customers. It is from person to person, helps to build and manage your Brand Reputation.

That is to prove you reliable and expert in the sector and to win the affection, trust and respect of the people who follow you.

2. Social Media Marketing is a visibility tool

Promoting and communicating using Social Media with personalized and punctual content allows you to reach a large audience of potential customers, people interested in your offer and your message.

Fundamental, to obtain important results in terms of visibility is to promote and sponsor your content in the right way. Conveying it through the interest groups, allocating part of your budget to the ADS and choosing the right time to say the right thing.

3. Social Media are valuable means of communicating and involving people

As I suggested, Social Media owe their success precisely to the main quality that characterizes them: having broken down differences and distances, making communication two-way, equal and capable of being activated in real time. Making communication from person to person possible.

What is certain is that the implication of the medal is not lacking: if not managed with awareness, communication on social media can prove insidious and risky, but strategy and skills will help you exploit its enormous and indispensable potential.

Communicating, in fact, from the Latin cum-Munich means putting in common, binding together, and then sharing in order to establish a relationship based on affection and trust. A profitable relationship for you.

4. Social Media allow you to talk and build relationships

This point is consequent to the previous one. Communicating, dialoguing and relating with your customers and potential customers means knowing them and understanding how to reach their heart and mind, satisfy them, surprise them, pamper them, and bind them to you.

And, you know, the relationship for a brand means:

Sales in the present and future,

  • Viral promotion, free and selfless,
  • Saving resources in terms of time, effort and money.
  • The relationship, therefore, is for a brand more precious than resources.

5. With Social Media you attract attention

There are two basic requirements to conquer your followers:

  • Communicate with personality;
  • Share interesting, useful, exciting and engaging content.

If your Social Media Marketing strategy and your editorial plan manage to satisfy these two needs, you will be able to attract the attention of your target audience and capture their curiosity.

6. Loyalty is the key to success

Social Media, thanks to their participatory and free nature, are the ideal place to lead your potential customers, turn them into customers (thanks to the support of other tools, the ones I told you about in post Inbound Marketing: the tools for make you want ) and then retain them.

A loyal customer is the treasure of a brand for several reasons. It is a customer who will definitely buy from you again. Besides, it is a customer willing to spend and it is a customer who will activate a positive word of mouth among its target audience, giving you a lot of selfless promotion and free.

A loyal customer is, therefore, a huge and indispensable source of income for a brand. And the strategy to be able to tie it to you is to take care of him, to establish an honest and lasting relationship.

How to do? You have to:

  • Tell yourself with transparency and honesty and you must do it regularly and frequently;
  • You must listen to his needs, criticisms, needs, tastes, desires and his dreams;
  • You have to talk to him, thank him, offer answers to his questions, and solve his problems;
  • In addition you have to pamper him by offering him promotions, discounts and confidential and personalized communications, which make him feel important to you.

Here, in all this Social Media are indispensable and precious tools.

7. Social Media are listening and monitoring tools

This is a very important aspect and only careful and strategic Social Media Marketing (and Social Media Monitoring) activities can guarantee it.

The activity of monitoring conversations and sentiment on Social Media allows you to listen to your target audience and to know their needs, tastes, desires, needs and dreams.

And getting to know the people you turn to and who are interested in you. Besides, your offer is the starting point to offer those adequate solutions, surprising offers, interesting content, engaging emotions.

Let’s Sum Up

Social media marketing has the great impact in our life. Even uses of social media marketing is changing our lives.

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