It has a major impact in Asterisk scalability. Default time to register seconds register: The idea now is to use an extension number only to connect to the other PBX. When the switch identifies this state, it reverses the voltage through the open pair, and then the loop is closed. Connect several offices in different places over an IP network, private network, or even through the Internet itself.

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Asterisk can be used in several scenarios: After answering the line, it goes to the next priority. This is the most used version. This was the behavior of Asterisk 1. You could test Asterisk using a Linux system with a graphical interface which may be easier for Linux newbies. Please note that more than one console process can be run at the same time. What are the three main types of contact centers?

Asterisk Admin Guide Sap Qm Configuration Guide test.

asterisknow 1.7.1

Sap Wcm Configuration Guide Fil. Sap Ewm Configuration Guide zxc. NovemberFile Date: Wherever those designations appear in this book and we are aware of them, the designation is printed in CAPS or the initials saterisknow capitalized. Although a great degree of care was used in writing this book, the author assumes no responsibility for asteriskhow and omissions, or damages resulting from the use of the information contained in this book.

This is the third generation of the e-Book Asterisk Configuration Guide. The e-Book is also available in Spanish and Portuguese. The material that I present in this book helped to prepare for the dCAP certification from Digium last May and to pass it in the first try. Originally, this e-Book was written for version 1. The second generation was updated to version 1. Asterisknoww, you may still find examples that were based in the older version.

Wherever possible, those examples have been suppressed or changed. I have always been a fan of e-Books. They asteriwknow easy to carry around, ecologically correct and simpler to publish. Piracy is the major drawback of this strategy. We will use any possible means to restrict piracy. Unfortunately, it will happen, but I sincerely hope you buy this e-Book legally.

Telephony will never be the same after this program. For many years, telephony has been dominated by huge companies with proprietary systems. Finally, users can recover their buying power by having access to an open telephony platform. Thus, things that were not possible before because they were not economically viable are likely to start happening.

Examples include resources like CTI computer telephony integration, IVR interactive voice responseACD automatic call distributionand voicemail, that are now available to everybody. This book was not designed to teach every single detail of Asterisk. Asterisknoe fact, you will probably not become a guru simply by reading this e-Book. I hope you enjoy as much learning about Asterisk as I have enjoyed writing about it. We assume your are familiar with Linux, Linux asterosknow commands and Linux text editors.

You could test Asterisk using a Linux system with a graphical interface which may be easier for Linux newbies. Some users will try to execute Asterisk using VMWare and this is really not a problem, except asterisinow poorer voice quality.


For production systems we do not encourage VMware or Linux with a graphical user interface. Acknowledgments I have to thank my family for the patience to see me work at late hours and during the weekends for several months. Gonçalves who made the English revision of this e-Book. Mistakes and errors in the e-Book We always try to find and eliminate errors and mistakes. Please, if you find something wrong, give us feedback and we will act on it immediately.

You will receive a revised copy of the book in case your feedback results in a change the beauty of e-publishing! E-mail address for feedback: Asterisk is also both an Open Source Community and a commercial product from Digium. You are free to use and modify Asterisk to suit your needs. Since Asterisk is much more than a PBX, you have not only an exceptional upgrade to your existing PBX, but you can do new things in telephony, such as: Connect several offices in different places over an IP network, private network, or even through the Internet itself.

Give your employees web and e-mail integrated voicemail. Build applications like IVRs that allow connections to your ordering system or other applications. Asterisk includes several advanced resources, only found before in high-end systems, for example: Call queues, where a team of agents can answer calls and monitor queues.

Integration with asterisnkow and voice recognition. Detailed records transferred to both text files and SQL databases. PSTN connectivity through both digital and analog lines.

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Digium offers Asterisk under three different types of license agreement: This is the most used version. It includes all features and is free to be used and modified according to the terms of the GPL license.

The GPL license requires that any further code development to a GPL licensed code must be released to the source code. Mostly used by PBX manufacturers who do not want to reveal to the public that their software is based on Asterisk.

Note that the hardware is Open Source too and, therefore, it can be used by any company. The Zapata project can be seen at: I remember my first contact with Asterisk. The first reaction to something new, moreover one that competes with something you already know, is to reject it! It happened in Asterisk was competing with a solution that I was selling to a costumer 4 E1 VoIP Gateway and it costed ten times less than the price I was charging for the solution I already knew.

Due to the disproportionate price, I started studying Asterisk in order to identify potential pitfalls or drawbacks.

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However, this exercise led me to the discovery that Asterisk could solve a variety of very expensive problems for my costumer base. We were in trouble with expensive quotes for IVR, unified messaging, call recording, and dialers. I found that with appropriate dimensioning, the CPU problems could be worked around and, indeed, Asterisk became the flagship product of my company in just three years I actually decided to open another company just for the Asterisk business.


In my opinion, Asterisk is a revolution in 15 Chapter 1 — Asterisk Introduction telecommunication and it represents to IP telephony what Apache represents to web services.

With these advanced features, Asterisk is several times less expensive than traditional PBXs. Indeed, comparing Asterisk PBXs with low-end analog PBXs is unfair because it has a lot of features 17.1 are not available in low-end analog systems. Asterisk is Open Source and its source code asterisknkw be modified by the user.

asterisknow 1.7.1

The costs of these features in some platforms supersede the price of the platform itself. The possibility to provide asterrisknow content is almost limitless.

With Asterisk, choosing the asterisknpw route is easy and clean. When I access Wiki www. Asterisk is probably the most tested PBX software in asterislnow world. This process ensures a code that is both stable and almost error free.

Although this allows for a huge cost reduction in hardware interface, the system becomes dependent on the PC CPU. My recommendation is to run Asterisk in a dedicated machine and to be conservative about hardware dimensioning.

It is also interesting to use Asterisk in a separate VLAN to avoid excessive broadcasts that consume the CPU broadcast storms caused by loops or viruses. Some newer interface cards from several vendors are now including DSPs assterisknow process echo cancellation, codecs and other features. This will make Asterisk even better. The figure above shows the basic Asterisk architecture. Next, we will explain concepts related to the architecture like channels, codecs and applications.


It usually consists of an analogic or digital TDM asterismnow system or a combination of codec and signaling protocol e. In the beginning, all telephony connections were astsrisknow and susceptible to echo and noise. Later, most systems were converted to digital systems, with the analogic sound converted into digital format by PCM Pulse Code Modulation in most cases. The result is bad voice quality and instability.

It was removed from compilation in version 1. It is used with junghanns boards www. These drivers were created by Beronet, Europe. Produces high density analog boards, 4, 8 and 16 ports. Most of them do not release the source code. There are different flavors of H.

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A third implementation is being developed by Digium: Supports Cisco voice over IP skinny protocol. There are two versions: Supports most Cisco wsterisknow. More information can be found in http: It is supported by a third party channel driver called Unicall. In asterisknoww 4, we will detail how to implement it. It is not related to a specific hardware or protocol.

It can also be used for mobility, allowing any person to use any phone just by logging in to the agent.